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eAgent FAQ’s

  1. How do I know if the eAgent Program is right for my agency?
    When deciding whether the eAgent Program is right for your agency, please consider the questions below and consult with your Travelers Sales Executive:

    1. Does your agency have a website?
    2. Does your agency have a marketing plan to drive traffic to your website?
    3. Is the agency’s web address featured in your advertising or PR?
    4. Do you have a webmaster or IT department that can make changes to your website?
    5. Does the agency have capacity to promptly follow-up with consumers who have completed a quote?

    If you answered yes to the questions above, the eAgent program may be right for you.

  2. How can I set my agency up for the eAgent Program?
    After discussing the eAgent program with your Sales Executive, you can fill out the online survey which will provide Travelers with the information needed to get you started. After reviewing your information, a Travelers representative will email you instructions on how to set the program up.
  3. Can the consumer buy from my website?
    Consumers can receive a quote from your website based on admitted information (MVRs are not ordered at time of quote). Along with a quote, the consumer will be given your agency contact information to buy immediately. Your agency will also be emailed a notification that a quote has been completed on your site. Travelers will continue to explore allowing consumers to complete the purchase transaction online.
  4. Will my agency be charged for report ordering if a consumer completes a quote on my website?
    No. MVRs are not ordered when a consumer completes the online quote from the agent website. Reports that are ordered by your agency when completing the transaction are subject to the standard report ordering cost share rules in your state.
  5. How will I know if a consumer has completed a quote from my website?
    Once a consumer has completed a quote from your website, you will receive an email notification with the quote information. There will also be reports available on AgentHQSM which will provide you with a summary report of activity on your banner ad.
  6. Where does the information go once a consumer has completed a quote, and how can I find it?
    Quotes can be searched for and found in the Quote & Issue System just like any other completed quote by searching by last name, state, and zip code.
  7. Is there any change in the commission rate for consumers that come in through my website?
    No, origination in the eAgent program does not affect commission on issued policies.
  8. Is the auto product the only product that is available with the eAgent program?
    Currently, the auto product is the only one available through the eAgent program. We will keep our agents posted if/when new products become available on this platform.
  9. Is the auto product offered in the eAgent program (limits, deductibles) the same as what my agency quotes in the Quote & Issue System?
    Depending on your state, there may be minor differences between the product a consumer has available to them on the eAgent site versus what you are able to provide them on the Quote & Issue System. When you contact the consumer make sure to review their quote and offer options that they may not have seen through your website.
  10. Can my eAgent banner ad be linked to other websites such as financial institutions (banks, credit unions)?
    Your agency may put the eAgent banner ad on another institution’s website (bank, credit union) only if you have a signed linking agreement in place and Travelers has expressly approved placement of the ad on that particular website.
  11. Can I make changes to the eAgent application to customize it for my agency?
    No, the agency telephone number will display on each screen.
  12. Can I link more than one producer code to a banner ad?
    Only one producer code and agent contact can be setup per website. Agents with multiple producer codes and producers will need to decide which code and agency contact they would like to receive the quotes.
  13. How can I send quotes to different producers based on the location of the consumer?
    Currently only one producer or agency relationship can be notified once a quote has been completed through the agent banner ad. If your agency has multiple locations and producers, you will need to have that one agency contact, distribute the leads as you see fit.
  14. How long will it take to setup my agency with the eAgent program?
    The entire process of setting up your agency for the eAgent program will take 2-3 weeks.
  15. How can I make a change to my eAgent program?
    For example, change of website, producer code, contact info.
    Agents may request changes to their eAgent information by completing the online survey. Change requests will be processed within 3-5 business days.
  16. How can I cancel my participation in the eAgent Program?
    Participation in the eAgent program is voluntary. If you choose to no longer participate in the program, simply remove the link from your website.
  17. Can I receive data for customers that have not completed the quoting application?
    Only data for completed quotes is stored and passed on to your agency. Incomplete quotes are not stored.
  18. Can I have multiple display ads on my site?
    There can only be one display ad per agency website. Multiple display ads per website (including sitelets) are not allowed.
  19. Where can I find reports on how many completed quotes have come through the eAgent program?
    Select the PL eAgent Quote Report under the Reports & Alerts on Agent HQ.